How it Works

We are your personal Fantasy Sport's Coach, for Daily and Season Long Leagues!

At we provide you with access to view our top quality lineups everyday for the entire month. Only subscribers will have access to view our lineups everyday. When our lineups are finished and posted we will send our subscribers with an email letting them know the lineups are ready to view. LINEUPS WILL BE POSTED NO LATER THAN 5MINUTES PRIOR TO TIME SLOT START TIME. (Example : Time slot for our lineup starts at 8pm eastern time, Lineups will be posted no later than 7:55 pm due to some teams posting their starting lineups late.)

Also, the monthly subscribers will have access now to use our brand new live chat feature on our website. NO MORE NEED TO DIG THROUGH TEDIOUS AND ENDLESS INFORMATION! Through our new Live Chat feature, you will be able to ask us any questions or concerns you may have regarding your season long or daily fantasy sports team. One of the representatives at Dunn’s Fantasy Lineups will respond as soon as possible! At we provide MLB, NBA, NFL, and PGA lineups to be viewable. Also, the type of contest to enter the lineup in will be suggested next to each lineup. (Example : Tournament, H2H, or League style contests.) At least 1 lineup total will be provided every single day. Some days there may be as many as 4-5 daily lineups posted. It may take longer for us to respond from the hours 1am-7am.